About Pre-Law at CU Boulder

Investigate Before You Invest

The CU Pre-Law Advising Center is here to help you explore a law school education and learn about the career opportunites that come with a law degree. We provide CU Boulder students and graduates with a full spectrum of advising, resources, and networking opportunities – all of which help you determine if law school is right for you and, if so, how best to achieve your educational and professional goals.

Here's What We Can't Do:

  • Pre-law is NOT a major so, no, we cannot tell you about course requirements for graduation;
  • Pre-law it is NOT a field of courses or studies of any kind designed to get you admitted to law school; and,
  • Pre-law is NOT law school.

 Services Provided by the Pre-Law Office:

  • One-on-one meetings with Anthony Bastone, Academic Advisor Pre-Law, to discuss your personal interests, ambitions, and to answer specific questions;
  • Assistance in determining how to best structure your undergraduate studies in preparation for applying to law school;
  • Aid you in networking with lawyers working in private practice, the public sector, the judiciary, law enforcement, and a wide variety of non-traditional law careers so you can learn more fully how a legal education can affect your future career prospects;
  • Host or co-host numerous events throughout the year to help you explore, in greater depth, the practicalities of pursuing a law degree and a career in the law.  These include social mixers with current law students, law school fairs, and special sessions addressing all aspects of applying for and succeeding in law school; and,
  • Provide resources and assistance in preparing to apply for law school admission.