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All current CU Boulder students and alumni are eligible to receive our advising services, at no charge to you. We are here to help you define your career goals and to guide you as you move toward reaching those goals. Our approach to advising is to provide accurate information in a supportive, respectful atmosphere. Our advisors maintain ongoing contact with admissions officers at health professional schools nationwide, so that we can provide up-to-date advice for students who seek to become competitive applicants to health professional schools.

Our Services

To learn more about the pre-health advising services we offer, please browse through the section below.
Prehealth Meetings, Appointments, Walk-in Hours, Workshops

What you need to know about choosing a health career. Required first meeting for freshman/sophomore prehealth students. If you are an upper division student who has not previously seen a prehealth advisor, you are welcome here, but may go directly to an Introduction Meeting for your field.

If you have been to a First Prehealth and are looking for a Second Meeting, this is it! Or, if you are an upper division student who has not yet seen a prehealth advisor and you are interested in Nursing, Medicine, Pharmacy, etc, this is where to start. Choose Introduction Meetings on the online appointment calendar and then use the dropdown menu to select the field in which you are interested to see the available meeting times for the next two weeks. You may go to more that one type of meeting if you are still exploring.  

Once you have completed an Introduction Meeting (or if you are an upper division student who has already met with a prehealth advisor), sign up for an Individual appointment when you have specific questions, want help trouble shooting problems, or a deeper discussion about your specific preparation.

Walk-ins are welcome at specific times each week for quick or urgent questions. If the advisor needs to access your file or do research to answer your question, or if your question is highly profession-specific or takes more than 5 minutes to answer, then a walk-in is not appropriate. In those cases, emailing the advisor for your chosen health profession is a better option.

Workshops on useful topics are offered throughout the year. Use the dropdown menu to see which ones are offered in the next 2 weeks.

Meetings, appointments and workshops are open to current students and alumni via the online scheduling system: aacportal.colorado.edu. Use your Identikey and password to logon.

NOTE: Remember that the calendar will only show openings within a 2 week moving window. For later dates, log in 2 weeks before the desired date.  

PROBLEMS: If you have trouble signing up, contact the Prepro Front Desk at 303-735-3000.

The Pre-Health Advising Listserve (“Healthlist”)

By joining our listserve, you will receive all of the pre-health announcements for CU Boulder students. Announcements include information about clinical and research job/volunteer opportunities, scholarships, and any updates/changes to the application process. To sign up, click on the "Sign Up to Receive Pre-Health Announcements" button in the left sidebar.

Health Professions Information Fair

Every year, typically in late February, we host an Information Fair for Pre-health students, alums, and community members. Admissions staff from a variety of health professions (medicine, nursing, pharmacy, etc) participate in profession-specific panels in the evening, followed the next day by a daytime Fair. At the Fair, you will find tables for a wide variety of health professions schools and programs, as well as tables for health professions scholarships and loan repayment programs, international and other volunteer opportunities, and test prep options.

Pre-Professional Credentials File Service

We will confidentially store and send out your letters of recommendation to professional schools. Please refer to the Credentials File Service section of our website for more information.

Committee Letters of Evaluation

If you are planning to apply to medical, dental, podiatry, or optometry schools, we encourage you to participate in the committee letter process. Note that this service has some eligibility requirements. Please refer to the Committee Letter section of our website for more details.

Pre-Health Advising-sponsored academic courses
  • IPHY 2500, Perspectives in Health and Medicine
  • IPHY 3500, Applied Clinical Research
Services for Alumni

All services and resources of the Preprofessional Advising Office are available to students who have graduated from CU Boulder. Your Identikey and password will allow you to sign up for Prehealth Individual Advisor Appointments, as well as other types of prehealth meetings and workshops. You can sign up for the Prehealth Email List and access the Prehealth Events Calendar. Please feel free to email us with specific questions, but if at all possible, email from your firstname.lastname@colorado.edu email address (or include your SID). See Our Staff link on the menu to the left to see which advisor covers the field in which you are interested. Just as when you were an undergraduate, we are committed to your success and are happy to work with you until you meet your professional goals.