Check Your Degree Audit

A degree audit is used to track students' requirements and progress to attain their goals.

Your degree audit will help you:

  • Identify academic/degree requirements
  • Provide visual progress
  • Provide hypothetical, “what-if” degree information
  • Identify transfer credits & cutbacks for repeated courses
  • Enhance your visit with your advisor

Review these step-by-step instructions to learn how to access your degree audit through your MyCUinfo account.

Check Your Degree Audit FAQ

In the new DARSweb degree audit system you can run a “Current Program” or you can run a "What If" audit to see how your course work might apply to another major or degree program. 
Check the Registrar's information here.

Running a "What If" degree audit does not change your major.  If you decide to change your major, see an academic advisor in your new proposed major for an evaluation.

Instructions to run an audit are found here.

The Degree Audits are accurate for currently enrolled students. If you graduated several years ago, the requirements for your major may have changed since graduation. Please contact your advisor (if available) or department for assistance in providing the documentation you are seeking.

Degree audit reports do not replace advising.  Your degree audit is a valuable tool to help you monitor your progress in completing requirements.

The degree audit tracks course and requirement progress, eliminating manual record-keeping and to allow your advisor to spend more time helping you plan a comprehensive academic program.  Conferring with your advisor about your interests and course options will enhance the quality of your education by aiding you in making informed and intentional choices about courses, additional programs of study (second majors, minors, certificates) and enrichment programs such as study abroad, internships and undergraduate research.  Keep in mind any adjustments to be made to your major degree must be approved by the appropriate dean's office.  It is a good idea to always bring your degree audit when meeting with your advisor.

  1. There are times when the Student Portal will not be available due to unforeseen circumstances and when maintenance is scheduled. Please check the scheduled maintenance information listed on the Office of Information Technology website. Look for "Service Alerts" near the top of their page.
    If the system is down, please try again at a later time.
  2. Your audit may not be available. Contact your advisor for questions or availability.

“In Progress” courses are listed in the audit with *** in the grade column.  For further details on how to read the audit, click here.

Take a copy of the degree audit when you meet with your advisor and take any documentation or information that may be helpful in addressing your question.